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Research Article
Clinical Comparison Between Adjustment Disorder with Depressive Mood and Major Depressive Disorder
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2012; 49: 20-28)
DOI: 10.4274/npa.y6020
The Effects of Residual Symptoms and Memory Functions on Relapse in Patients with Major Depressive Disorder: A Controlled Follow-up Study
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Electroconvulsive Therapy in the Treatment of Mood Disorders: One-Year Follow-up
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2017; 54: 196-201)
DOI: 10.5152/npa.2016.14845
Clinical, Radiological and Electrophysiological Comparison of Immunomodulatory Therapies in Multiple Sclerosis
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2017; 54: 116-124)
DOI: 10.5152/npa.2016.12621
The Predictors of Remission in Major Depressive Disorder
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2013; 50: 122-129)
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Symptomatic Remission Determines Functional Improvement and Quality of Life in Schizophrenia
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2016; 53: 328-333)
DOI: 10.5152/npa.2016.11327
Development of a Psychometric Instrument Based on the Inference-Based Approach to Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: The Obsessional Probabilistic Inference Scale
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2014; 51: 355-362)
DOI: 10.5152/npa.2014.6821
Emotional Schemas and Their Relationship with Clinical Characteristics in Patients with Alcohol Dependence
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2012; 49: 286-293)
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Is the Ultimate Treatment Response Predictable with Early Response in Major Depressive Episode?
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2016; 53: 245-252)
DOI: 10.5152/npa.2015.10141
The Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders Distribution of Subjects Gender and its Relationship with Psychiatric Help-Seeking
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2013; 50: 344-351)
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Extreme Appraisals of Internal States and Duration of Remission in Remitted Bipolar Patients
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2015; 52: 406-411)
DOI: 10.5152/npa.2015.7611
Case Report
Reversible Hepatotoxicity of Mirtazapine in a Patient with Major Depression
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2011; 48: 162-163)
DOI: 10.4274/npa.y5678
Dandy-Walker Malformation Presenting with Affective Symptoms
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2017; 54: 277-281)
DOI: 10.5152/npa.2017.18114
Rediscovering the bipolar spectrum
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2011; 48: 167-170)
DOI: 10.4274/npa.y5818
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