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Original Article.
Quality of Life of Patients Under Anticoagulant Therapy Compared to Patients Treated with Antiplatelet Therapy
(Arch Neuropsychiatry ; : -)
DOI: 10.5152/npa.2016.15950
Cranial Autonomic Features in Migraine and Migrainous Features in Cluster Headache
(Arch Neuropsychiatry ; : -)
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Axis 1 Psychiatric Comorbidity in Heterosexual Men Suffering from Premature Ejaculation
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Botulinumtoxin in Pain Treatment
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2010; 47: 52-54)
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Research Article
A Comparison between Frequency of Depressive Symptoms and Quality of Life Among Patients with Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s Disease
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The Effects of Low and Severe Disability on Walking Abilities and Quality of Life in Multiple Sclerosis Patients: 6-Month Follow-up Study
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Quality of Life, Fatigue and Balance Improvements after Home-Based Exercise Program in Multiple Sclerosis Patients
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An Open-Label Clinical Study on the Efficacy of Melatonin Prophylaxis in Migraine: A Preliminary Report
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Psychiatric Comorbidity in Children and Adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
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The Effect of Sertraline on the Quality of Life for Children and Adolescents with Anxiety Disorder
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Turkish Version Study of “Parkinson’s Disease Quality of Life Questionnaire” (PDQL)
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Assessment of Psychopathology, Quality of Life, and Parental Attitudes in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
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Sympathetic Skin Responses from the Neck Area in Patients with Unilateral Migraine
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Effectiveness of Greater Occipital Nerve Blocks in Migraine Prophylaxis
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Impact of Symptoms of Maternal Anxiety and Depression on Quality of Life of Children with Cerebral Palsy
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The Association Between Childhood Traumatic Events and Headache- Related Parameters in Patients with Migraine: A Cross-Sectional Study in Turkish Population
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Assessment of Psychiatric Comorbidity and WISC-R Profiles in Cases Diagnosed with Specific Learning Disorder According to the DSM-5 Criteria
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Pregnancy-Onset Panic Disorder: Incidence, Comorbidity and Associated Factors
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Comorbidity of Adult Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder in Bipolar Patients: Prevalence, Sociodemographic and Clinical Correlates
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Sleep Quality and Depression in Episodic and Chronic Migraine Sufferers
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Frequency of Alcohol Use Disorder in Patients with Bipolar Disorder Followed in a Mood Disorders Unit
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Effect of Sleep Quality on Psychiatric Symptoms and Life Quality in Newspaper Couriers
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Predictors of Subjective Quality of Life in Schizophrenia Patients and Their Relatives: A Follow-up Study
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Comorbidity of Impulse Control Disorders Among Patients with Major Depression
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Evaluation of Depression, Temperament and Character Profiles in Female Patients with Fibromyalgia Syndrome
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Prevalence of ADHD in Adult Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic and Comorbid Psychiatric Disorders in ADHD
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The Comparison of Physical Activity Status, Exercise Perception and Quality of Life Between Clinically Isolated Syndrome and Multiple Sclerosis Patients
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A 12-month, Open Label, Multicenter Pilot Study Evaluating Fingolimod Treatment in terms of Patient Satisfaction in Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Patients - FINE Trial
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Correlation Between Life Events and Quality of Life in Patients with Medication-Overuse Headache
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Validity and Reliability ofthe Turkish Version of the Professional Quality of Life Scale
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Childhood Traumatic Experiences, Anxiety, and Depression Levels in Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis
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Correlation of Fatigue with Depression, Disability Level and Quality of Life in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
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Psychiatric Comorbidity, Sexual Dysfunction, and Quality of Life in Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis: A Case-Control Study
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The Relationship Between Serum Atrial Natriuretic Peptide Levels and Pain in Migraine Patients
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Parent-Reported Quality of Life of Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Preliminary Study
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Quality of Life in Children with (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder): A Cross-Sectional Study
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The Anxiety, Depression and Quality of Life of Breast Cancer Patients Before and After Treatment: The Results of One Year Prospective Study
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Symptomatic Remission Determines Functional Improvement and Quality of Life in Schizophrenia
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Psychological Symptoms in Obesity and Related Factors
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Validity and Reliability of the Quality of Life in Epilepsy Inventory (QOLIE-10) For Turkey
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Motor and Non-Motor Symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease: Effects on Quality of Life
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Evaluation of Eating Attitude in Patients with Migraine
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Trigger Factors of Migraine
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Comorbodity in Patients Diagnosed with Adult-Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Psychiatry Outpatient Clinics
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Evaluation of Relationship Between Childhood Maltreatment and Medication Overuse Headache
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The Impact of Fibromyalgia on Disability, Anxiety, Depression, Sleep Disturbance, and Quality of Life in Patients with Migraine
(Arch Neuropsychiatry ; : -)
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Awareness of Migraine Among Primary Care Physicians in Turkey: A Regional Study
(Arch Neuropsychiatry ; : -)
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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Migraine Patients: Migraine, Trauma and Alexithymia
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Executive Functioning in Subtypes of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
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Identification of Allodynic Migraine Patients with the Turkish Version of the Allodynia Symptom Checklist: Reliability and Consistency Study
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2017; 54: 260-266)
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Efficacy of Diet Restriction on Migraines
(Arch Neuropsychiatry ; : -)
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Endothelial Nitric Oxide Synthase and Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Gene Polymorphisms in Migraine Patients
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2013; 50: 274-278)
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Validity and Reliability of the Quality of Life in Epilepsy Inventory (QOLIE-31) for Turkey
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2015; 52: 289-295)
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The Effect of Type D Personality on Quality of Life in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2017; 54: 272-276)
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Premorbid Personality Disorders in Male Schizophrenic Patients with or without Comorbid Substance Use Disorder: Is Dual Diagnosis Mediated by Personality Disorder?
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2015; 52: 303-308)
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Emotional and Behavioral Characteristics of Gifted Children and Their Families
(Arch Neuropsychiatry ; : -)
DOI: 10.5152/NPA.2017.12731
Evaluation of OnabotulinumtoxinA Treatment in Patients with Concomitant Chronic Migraine and Temporomandibular Disorders
(Arch Neuropsychiatry ; : -)
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The Assessment of Sexual Dysfunction in Male Patients with Multiple Sclerosis
(Arch Neuropsychiatry ; : -)
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Blink Reflex in Episodic and Chronic Migraine
(Arch Neuropsychiatry ; : -)
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Psychosocial and Medical Determinants of Health-related Quality of Life in Patients with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis
(Arch Neuropsychiatry ; : -)
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Validity and Reliability of the Turkish Version of the 8-Item Parkinson’s Disease Questionnaire
(Arch Neuropsychiatry ; : -)
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Definition of Balance and Cognition Related to Disability Levels in Vestibular Migraine Patients
(Arch Neuropsychiatry ; : -)
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Quality of Life in Patients Under Anticoagulant Therapy Compared to Patients Treated with Antiplatelets?
(Arch Neuropsychiatry ; : -)
DOI: 10.5152/npa.2016.15950
Efficacy of Diet Restriction on Migraine
(Arch Neuropsychiatry ; : -)
DOI: 10.5152/npa.2016.15961
Case Report
Orgasm Treatment in Migraine: A Native and Costless Choice? A Clinical Observation
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2011; 48: 268-269)
DOI: 10.4274/npa.y5897
A Case of Comorbid Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Compulsive Buying Disorder
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2011; 48: 75-78)
DOI: 10.4274/npa.47.y5607
Migraine, White Matter Lesions and Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Analysis of a Large Pedigree
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2010; 47: 162-165)
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Pathophysiology of Migraine
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2013; 50: 1-7)
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Comorbidity of Migraine
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2013; 50: 14-20)
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The Face of Chronic Migraine Which Has Started to be Clarified
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2013; 50: 21-25)
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Acute Treatment of MigraineVesile Öztürk
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2013; 50: 26-29)
DOI: 10.4274/Npa.y7299
Prophylactic Treatment of Migraine
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2013; 50: 30-35)
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Botulinum Toxin in Migraine Treatment
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2013; 50: 36-40)
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Vestibular Migraine
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2013; 50: 56-59)
DOI: 10.4274/Npa.y7300
Assessment of Quality of Life in Migraine
(Arch Neuropsychiatry 2013; 50: 60-64)
DOI: 10.4274/Npa.y7310
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